Quit smoking

Quit smoking hypnosis has an 83% success rate

Smoking in this day and age is a maladaptive behaviour, helping those that smoke survive and cope on one level or another.

It may be to deal with stress or anxiety, fit in socially, break from a stressful job, bond with a new partner whom smokes, soothe emotions, deal with crises and so on. This maladaptive way to survive in the world may often be rationalised and even defended in the face of opposition.

People might tell themselves they enjoy aspects of smoking, or make up all kinds of excuses or rules about when they can smoke. The irrational mind takes over, making the stopping of smoking seem all the more difficult.

  1. Hypnotherapy can help to identify the irrational and unconscious reasons and compulsions to smoke, as well as the blocks to being a non-smoker.
  2. Hypnotherapy can then help to resolve those compulsions and blocks to allow you to be free to not smoke.
  3. Hypnotherapy can also help you to identify and utilise your motivations for being a non-smoker and motivate or even stop you from an unconscious level.
  4. Hypnotherapy can help to resolve cravings, so that you can be free to choose not to smoke.