Hypnosis for Anxiety

Did you know you can use hypnosis for anxiety?

Hypnosis is a technique to help with you relax, concentrate and maintain intense focus. Hypnosis is rarely recommended as a stand-alone medical treatment; however, it can aid other treatments like counselling or cognitive behavioural therapy.

At Mind Soul Sync, we can help you complement your existing anxiety treatment with hypnosis. Christie’s hypnotherapy treatment may be able to help you in 1 of 2 ways.  Suggestion therapy or analysis.

What is suggestion therapy?

Suggestion therapy is one possible path for hypnosis, which is when hypnosis is used to make suggestions for behaviour improvement. Hypnotherapy might help you achieve a trance like state during which you are more likely to respond well to suggestions for change.

In other words, we can use suggestion therapy to help you break old habits and form new ones. You might find this helpful if you are using unhealthy habits to cope with your anxiety. For example, hypnosis might also help you address smoking or overeating. Harvard suggests these are just 2 of the unhealthy ways people deal with stress and anxiety.

Another way hypnosis for anxiety can help

Analysis is another possibility with hypnosis. Christie can use hypnotherapy to help you unpack reasons for your anxiety. In this way, hypnotherapy can work hand in hand with counselling or similar treatments for anxiety.

Hypnosis can help most people cope with symptoms of anxiety; however, if in doubt, you should seek medical advice before you commence treatment. In cases where a person suffers depression or has a pre-existing mental health condition, there may be more effective forms of treatment.

Ready to try hypnotherapy to help you with your own anxiety? Make an appointment with Christie and she can start helping you change from the inside out. Hypnotherapy may assist in controlling your feelings, improving your self-awareness, ditching your old destructive habits and forming new behaviours.

Change yourself from the inside out at Mind Soul Sync.