At Align Health and Healing we provide a collaborative space of alternative therapies, promoting the opportunity of holistic healing to Dubbo and the central west.

Welcome to Align Health and Healing

Meet Our Practitioners



Hi, I'm Amy, from So Salty, co-creator of Align Health and Healing.

A lover of all things alternate, over the years I have gained some incredible knowledge and skills on my way to becoming a Salt Specialist.

I am beyond proud to bring Dubbo and the Central West their very own Salt Therapy Centre, where they too can reap the benefits first hand.

Give your lungs a breather!



Hi, I’m Christie, from Mind Soul Sync, co-creator of Align health and healing located in Dubbo N.S.W.

I am a qualified hypnotherapist and energy healer. I am fuelled by my desire to facilitate and light the way for others who may be struggling, to experience peace, empowerment and balance and create the ultimate self.

A forever student, my hunger for more knowledge and skill are continuously being updated and fine-tuned, creating the ultimate space for change.



Hi I'm Natasha from Obsidian Massage and Wellness, located in Dubbo NSW.

I am a qualified remedial massage therapist, with a passion for helping my clients discover the connection between their mind and body.

Each treatment is tailored to individual clients needs to help optimise treatment outcome and ease muscular pain and discomfort. I am excited to be offering remedial, relaxation and deep tissue massage, alongside other modalities and techniques I have studied.



My name is Waide Cross.

I have eleven + years experience in the natural health industry. I have worked to manage and resolve chronic pain, aided in injury recovery and assisted with performance enhancement.

My aim is to not only help my clients achieve equilibrium, but also to facilitate people with taking control of their bodies. This involves remedial, soft tissue techniques as well as take home exercises to involve you in your own treatment.



Hi, I’m Jess, a qualified teacher, certified holistic health coach, reiki practitioner and co owner of ma & me whole foods.

I’m passionate about holding space for others (especially women) to feel safe, be heard and heal. I love coming together, in circle, ceremony and workshops to give others the tools to empower themselves on their own healing journey because “when we come together with a collective intention, magic happens”


Hypnotherapy is a technique of harnessing intense focus to achieve a desired outcome. Some people use hypnotherapy to treat anxiety, manage stress or quit smoking.


Reiki is an energy-based healing practice that can lessen the impact of stress by supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Salt Therapy

Salt therapy assists in relief in a variety of health complaints including asthma, respiratory conditions, skin disorders and may aid in boosting your immune system.

Distance Healing

Reiki can be performed as “absent healing”, also known as distance healing. You can benefit from distance healing anywhere, anytime.